• Projects started in 2022

  • Improving interpersonal communication between health service providers and the population, in order to increase vaccination coverage. Ensuring sustained supervision for medical personnel using interpersonal communication and motivational interviewing in the immunization process

    financing: UNICEF România
    country: Romania

    Carried out for 6 months during 2022, the project supported the continuation of the mentoring actions that started in 4 counties in Romania (Brașov, Vrancea, Mureș and Neamț) which involved the health professionals with a role in vaccination who graduated from interpersonal communication trainings based on the motivational interviewing technique. This meant that, based on a locally adapted supervision plan, dedicated mentors from each county provided support and coaching to health professionals involved in vaccination in order to improve their practice, including through peer support.

  • Series of workshops to train General Practitioners to counsel patients on vaccination

    financing: Sanofi
    country: Romania

    In partnership with the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF), the project involved the facilitation of a series of 7 trainings dedicated to health professionals involved in adult vaccination, held between May and November 2022.

  • Strengthening the interpersonal communication capacity of vaccinating staff in healthcare

    financing: USAID și UNICEF România
    country: Romania

    Running from March 2022 to February 2023, the project provided up-to-date knowledge, skills and guided practice on interpersonal communication and the motivational interviewing approach to more than 420 health professionals involved in vaccination. The intervention supports an open counselling approach given to each person on the topic of vaccination (both about routine immunization and for the COVID-19 vaccines), adapted to each individual's level of hesitancy, which can prove beneficial both for the health workers concerned and for their colleagues, who can then benefit from cascading training for the patients they serve, as it lowers resistance, improves relationships and trust levels, and ultimately can support increased vaccination coverage. The project is carried out in partnership with the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF).

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