• Projects started in 2015

  • Community services for children

    financing: UNICEF România
    country: Romania

    Implemented during 2015-2017, this project aimed to develop and deliver a comprehensive training program to support the implementation of the UNICEF model of social inclusion through integrated community-based social services. The training program has been accredited by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA). The participant handbook can be found here: https://www.unicef.org/romania/media/4361/file/Manualul-participantului.pdf. The project also provided technical support to the "Integrated Community Based Health Services" in Bacau County, both through the training of the community health care system and the mapping of health services to effectively address the needs of vulnerable children.

  • Supplying integrated community support interventions for active case finding and improved treatment adherence of TB caseload

    financing: Fondul Global de Lupta Impotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei si MalaFondul Global de Lupta Impotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei si Malariei
    country: Romania

    Running between 2015-2017, this project aimed for field-based directly observed therapy (DOT) administered by support personnel (community health workers - DOT supporters), providing social support mechanisms and increasing patients’ treatment adherence by means of incentives, identification of persons at risk (TB suspects) and their referral to the TB dispensary for testing.rnrn

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