A story of our involvement in Europe

In the hospital where I work, Romanian doctors represent about 30-40% of all doctors and they are much younger than me. (Female doctor in France).

The research from which this testimony is drawn is carried out within the framework of the "Pillars of Health - Towards solidarity for health worker balance in Europe", a 3-year programme that focuses, in the countries involved in the project (Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Serbia), on gathering evidence, strengthening civil society and carrying out advocacy at national and EU level to improve the availability and accessibility of health care professionals for all European citizens.


As a first step, we set out to identify the factors influencing the migration of Romanian health care workers, to analyse their personal work experience, and to discuss the respondents' solutions for staying and returning to the country. Discussions were conducted with health professionals who graduated in Romania and stayed to work in the country, health professionals who graduated in Romania and are currently working abroad, managers from different health facilities in Romania, representatives of professional organisations representing the College of Physicians and the Order of Nurses, representatives of student associations and finally a representative of a diaspora organisation of health care workers. On their basis, national and European Union interventions are being developed and promoted that can support the retention of medical personnel, the return of those who wish to do so and collaboration with those who want to support, even part-time, the Romanian health system.

More details about the project and research can be found on the project website Pillars of Health website: pillars-of-health.eu

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