The story of CHPS

For the Centre for Health Policies and Services (CHPS), the only healthcare system that is resilient to challenges and crises of any kind is one that is centred on the needs of the population and patients, that performs so that every person can live as healthy a life as possible. It is a system in which the value and merits of health professionals who strive to provide quality services to their beneficiaries or patients are fully recognised, but also a system that adapts to current developments and intelligently adopts the necessary changes to become stronger and more resilient to shocks.

This is the reason why, in over 20 years of activity, the CHPS programmes have focused on interventions that help bring health services closer to the beneficiary or patient, enhance the value of the health professions and integrate medical and technological advances into current health practice at all levels.

Although reforms made during the transition to more efficient health systems are beginning to take shape, both in Romania and in other countries in the region, crises of various kinds (the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Eastern Europe) have shown that they are still fragile, and that there is still much to be done to make them truly responsive to the needs of the population they serve.

The hardest to solve, but also the most important for a strong healthcare system, are the trust of beneficiaries in the healthcare system and the intrinsic motivation of healthcare professionals. These are important conditions that require complex adjustments and for which every change for the better counts.

What we do?

Supporting the healthcare systems
Supporting health services close to patients
Supporting the health of people and communities
Demonstrating that health is the foundation of society

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