Regionalization of the Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medical Services System in the Republic of Moldova (Regionalizarea Serviciilor Pediatrice de Urgenţă şi Terapie Intensivă în Republica Moldova

Objective – increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the pediatric health care system through a systemic change, addressing the Health Ministry strategy on the regionalization of health care in the Rep. of Moldova.

The 2008 results have included:

  • The development of policies and regulations regarding the transfer of cases towards the newly created regional centers depending on the geographical and pathological distribution of these cases.
  • The development and delivery of modern continued medical education programs
  • The acquisition of modern equipments of regional pediatric centers
  • The preparation and dissemination of clinical protocols and guides
  • Information and behavior-change campaigns for the reduction in the number of preventable deaths at children

Duration:  January - December 2008 (the project has more phases during the 2008-2017period),

Financing body - OSI Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.



Promoting HIV/AIDS/ITS risk-free behaviours in the general population , with focus on youngsters of 15-24 years (Promovarea unor comportamente fără risc HIV/AIDS/ITS, pentru populația generală, în special pentru tineri de 15-24 ani)

Objective – reducing the HIV/AIDS/ITS incidence levels in the general population and especially among youngsters of 15-24 years by promoting safe behaviors like condom use

Results for 2008 have included:

  • The development, implementation and evaluation of information, educational, and communication campaigns at local and national levels, targeting the young population (especially the 15-24 age group) for the promotion of safe behaviors
  • Increasing the awareness of the local authorities on the importance of this theme

Duration - January - December 2008 (proiectul a acoperit perioada iunie 2006- decembrie 2008)

Financing body - The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Fondul Global de Luptă Împotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei şi Malariei through the Ministry of Public Health – the Project Implementation Unit for the Global Fund



Interventions for TB Control to support the National TB program (Intervenții pentru controlul tuberculozei în sprijinul Programului Național TB - PNTB)

Objective – the reduction in TB transmission among poor and vulnerable populations, their families and communities, through information, education and communication campaigns targeted to encourage the adoption of an adequate behavior towards TB prevention and treatment.

Results for 2008 have included:

  • Developing of campaigns/materials for the information, education and communication regarding TB Control
  • Delivering continued medical education for TB Control to the family physicians

Duration: January – December 2008 (the project covered October 2007 – June 2012)

Financing body: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Fondul Global de Luptă Împotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei şi Malariei), the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation.



Optimizing the hospital management activity (Optimizarea activității de management al spitalului)

Objective – to improve the efficiency of the hospital management activities

Results in 2008 have included: 

  • A SWOT analysis report for the implementation of the AR-DRG set-up, alongside with a model to set and forecast costs at hospital level
  • An action plan with recommendations for the optimization of the hospital management activities
  • The delivery of training for ICD10AM usage

Durată – June – December 2008

Financing body – common research and development project together with the Cardio-Vascular Diseases Institute Targu Mures and Health Costs UK



The public health systems and country profiles for transmittable diseases – TD (Sistemele de sănătate publică și profilele de țară în privința bolilor transmisibile)

Objective – the delivery of relevant data and analysis to ECDC for the 27 UE countries

Results – 27 country reports regarding the public health systems and the particular typologia of each of them regarding TD.

Duration – March – December 2008

Financing body – European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC)



Training program for the hospitals under the Transportation Ministry network (Program de formare pentru spitalele din cadrul Ministerului Transporturilor)

Objective – to facilitate the implementation and integration of the Transportation Ministry health insurance sub-system under the national DRG system for payments and financing

Results in 2008 have included – the development and delivery of training courses on the DRG system for the relevant personnel

Duration – January – July 2008 (the project covered the period February 2006 - July 2008)

Financing body – The Transportation Ministry Health Contributions/Insurance House



The improvement of the health condition and of the access to core services for the Rosia Montana population (Îmbunătăţirea stării de sănătate şi creşterea accesului la serviciile de bază a populaţiei din Roşia Montană, Judeţul ALBA”) (2007-2008)

Objective – to improvement of the health condition and of the access to core services for the Rosia Montana population

Results in 2008 have included:

  • The acquisition of emergency care equipment and increasing the visibility of the family physician facility
  • Improving the training of the primary health care human resources from the community (the community nurse, the medical mediator, the family physician nurse, etc.)

Duration – January – December 2008 (the project covered the period 2007-2008)

Financing body –SOROS Foundation România