Prevention of cervical cancer among women from Sector 1 in Bucharest (Prevenirea cancerului de col uterin în rândul femeilor din sectorul 1 al Municipiului Bucureşti)

The purpose of the project was to continue the implementation of the cervical cancer screening program among women from Sector 1 in Bucharest, which started in 2007 on collaboration with the Caraiman Multifunctional Center. At that time, around 21.727 women aged over 18 years were screened in the CHPS citology cabinet.

The “actors” involved in the project are the men and women from the project coverage area, the family physicians from the project coverage area, physicians specialized in cervical cancer prevention, Bucharest Sector 1 Mayor’s Hall, Health Ministry, Bucharest House for Health Contributions.

The general objective of the project: the early detection of cervical cancer among the women population from Bucharest, especially from Sector 1.

Specific objectives:

  • Providing women with the right access to the needed services by educating and training the cervical-cancer prevention service providers and the development of an adequate strategy of monitoring the patients.
  • The set-up of a cervical-cancer prevention program in Bucharest, with focus on Sector 1, with a proper coverage of the women population and the creation of equal-access opportunities for all women, regardless of their socio-economic and educational status.

The 2013 results have included:

  • The coverage of all the target population and a show-up rate from women of ca 4.500 during one project year.
  • Quality frotium collections realized in the protocol-specified timings.
  • An efficient result interpretation and a correlation review of the histologic results with those of other investigations.
  • 815 obstretics-gynaecological consultations
  • Lab investigations, out of which: 2.213 HPV test Babes Papanicolau, 1.598 vaginal secretion investigations, 253 citohormonal tests.

Due to financial issues linked to the re-organization of the Health Contribution Houses, the activity of this project ended in October 2013.

The project took place during January 2013 – September 2013.  The financing was provided by the National Health Contributions House and the Bucharest Sector 1 Mayor’s Hall.



Regionalization of the Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medical Services System in the Republic of Moldova (Regionalizarea Serviciilor Pediatrice de Urgenţă şi Terapie Intensivă în Republica Moldova

Objective – increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the pediatric health care system through a systemic change, addressing the Health Ministry strategy on the regionalization of health care in the Rep. of Moldova.

The 2013 results have included:

  • The development of policies and regulations regarding the transfer of cases towards the newly created regional centers depending on the geographical and pathological distribution of these cases.
  • The development and delivery of modern continued medical education programs
  • The acquisition of modern equipments of regional pediatric centers
  • The preparation and dissemination of clinical protocols and guides
  • Information and behavior-change campaigns for the reduction in the number of preventable deaths at children

Duration:  January 2013-December 2013 (the project has more phases, covering the 2008-2017 period, continuing in 2014)

Financing body - OSI Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.



Human rights in patient care – A Practitioner’s Guide (Drepturile omului în îngrijirea pacienţilor. Ghidul practicianului)

Objective – the set-up of a group of jurists with good understanding of the human rights aspects in patient care and of the relevant legal tools to promote the development of this legislative field.

The 2013 results of the project have included:

  • The internal communication strategy covering the various project deadlines and the pre-alignment on the Practitioner’s Guide content, the accountabilities of the main authors and co-authors for the chapters/topics of their respective competence, the duration of the preparation of each chapter
  • Research in preparation for the next phases.

Duration: October 2013-October 2014

Financing body: Open Society Foundation – the Public Health Program.