The enhacement of medical staff MDR-TB management capacity within the National TB Control Program

The project implemented by CHPS , with the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation as main beneficiary, is a continuation of the training programs successfully run by CHPS in previous years.

Through the complex information covered by the training programs targeting medical staff from the TB control area, the project aims to enhance the quality of treatment delivered to the MDR-TB patient.

In this way, leveraging the MDR-TB Guide and theTB Control Monitoring Manual, the medical staff that is trained will have a unitary vision on this public-health issue and, as a result, will adequately manage MDR-TB cases. This will, in turn, lead not only to improved treatment for the MDR-TB patients, but also to the prevention of the MDR-TB spreading further.

Through the novelty and relevance of the delivered information, the training programs run by CHPS as part of Round 6 have enjoyed great interest from the target groups and the project output indicators have been meet and even exceeded.


Results and beneficiaries:

In total, there are planned 25 training sessions for a number of 20 participants per session, leading to at least 500 pneumologists and nurses from the National TB Control Program being trained until the end of the project.

To ensure a good sustainability of the project results, a Working Group has been set-up at national level from the very beginning of the project, consisting of representatives from the various institutions with responsibilities in the field of continued medical education, as well as National TB Control Program representatives at central and regional level.

Until the end of 2013, the following results were delivered:

  • The development of the training curricula and of the MDR-TB Manual,
  • The printing of 500 copies of the MDR-TB Manual,
  • The training of 16 training facilitators for the MDR-TB training sessions,
  • The training of 250 pneumologists and nurses on MDR-TB case management – 12 training sessions delivered,
  • 3 monitoring visits covering the MDR-TB trainings.


The project is taking place during January 2013 – September 2014, and the financing is provided by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Fondul Global de Luptă Împotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei şi Malariei) through the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation.