The improvement of pediatric emergency care service quality through the development and implementation of a training program

The project “The improvement of pediatric emergency care service quality through the development and implementation of a training program” is part of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation program, defined through the Memorandum of Agreement between Switzerland and the EU from February 2006 and the additional act from June 25th, 2008 for Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the Framework agreement between Romania and Switzerland for the Swiss contribution signed on September 7th, 2010.

The current intervention will contribute significantly to the development of the pediatric emergency-care services to European standards via the development of the pediatric emergency-care specialty, thus following the recommendations of the European Pediatric and Neonatal Emergency Care Society. This will determine the creation of a training curriculum and of the practice guides respecting the EU standards and adapted to the Romanian context. In addition to the development of the training curriculum and the updating of the clinical practice guides, the project will also cover the improvement of the training facility/infrastructure, the training of the trainers and the enrollment of the pediatricians into the new training program.

The project will targe the following stakeholders: Romanian pediatricians and emergency-care professionals, professional associations, training institutions, governmental bodies such as the public health institutions, the Health Ministry, the National House for Health Contributions.

The general objective: Romanian children enjoy improved health condition as a result of the development of the emergency-care services.

Objective: Pediatric physicians, who go through the pediatric emergency-care training program,               are able to deliver pediatric emergency-care services at international standards.

Result 1: the regional training centers offer a 2-year certified pediatric emergency-care training program, in line with the Romanian requirements adapted to the EU standards (ESPNIC).

Result 2: the pediatric emergency-care units pacients benefit from high-quality services, offered as per the clinical practice guides implemented at local level, which are in line with international standards.

The project duration is 24 months starting as of May 2014.