Supporting health services close to patients

Over more than 20 years in business, we have worked to bring health services to where they are vital, through:

  • training emergency response teams (emergency care doctors and nurses, paramedics, emergency care paediatricians, neonatal specialists, including nurses, involved in neonatal transport, heads of emergency departments, other staff in emergency departments and ambulance services) so that patients in need of emergency services at pre-hospital and hospital level benefit from high quality services provided by well-trained teams.
  • cervical cancer screening programme for women in sector 1 of the capital.
  • development of population screening methodology for tuberculosis (TB), including latent TB, provision of specific training programmes for professionals involved in TB control and provision of essential health services aimed at prevention, early detection (screening), diagnosis and early treatment of TB.
  • supported the work of non-governmental organisations developing projects that are an alternative to institutionalisation for people with mental disabilities, through pilot community intervention programmes for people with mental disabilities who can be socially integrated.
  • Establishment of day centres for drug users; provision of support services for drug users and protection of drug users by facilitating access to sterile medical instruments.

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