Supporting the healthcare systems

Throughout our more than 20 years of activity, we have supported the Romanian healthcare system through:

  • recommendations for improving the legal framework regarding the rights of insured persons.
  • increasing access to medical services for Romania's underserved population.
  • creation of a distance learning network to increase access to continuing medical education in public health.
  • developing a model of public health approach in line with European and international experience.
  • analysis and recommendations for improving resource allocation for patients in hospitals.
  • analysis for more efficient resource allocation in the health system through the development of a costing model for maternal and child health services in primary health care.
  • analysis on the effectiveness of the health mediators programme.
  • promoting collaboration and developing appropriate tools to support EU Member States' health workforce policies to ensure equal access to health services.
  • transforming paediatric intensive care services and bringing them up to European standards.

We have supported the healthcare system in the Republic of Moldova including through:

  • developing a strategy and action plan to improve the health system.
  • developing a national plan for the primary health care workforce and infrastructure to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the primary health care system, increasing the quality and accessibility of services.
  • increasing the quality of training courses for health care professionals.
  • reforming paediatric emergency and intensive care services and bringing them up to European standards.

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