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Preparing a collaboration agreement with the University of Applied Sciences in Turku, Finland for the implementation of the "Dispatcher" component of the project "Improving the quality of pre-hospital and hospital emergency services - 2nd phase ER2"

In May 9-10, a visit by a team of experts from the University of Applied Sciences in Turku took place in Bucharest, within the Romanian-Swiss project ER2, with the support of the Ministry of Interior of Finland and the Embassy of Finland in Romania.

Considering Finland's top performance at EU level as regards dispatching emergency cases and emergency dispatching training, this collaboration continues the support of Finnish experts started in 2007 under the REMSSy 4 Romanian-Swiss Program with the aim to improve emergency dispatching training, this collaboration being particularly important for achieving the objectives of the Dispatching” component of the ER 2 project.

er2 1We thank the Embassy of Finland in Romania, the Finland Ministry of Interior and the Department of Emergency Situations(DSU) for their support in identifying the Finnish partners to support us in achieving the objectives of the ER 2 project as well as the experts of the University of Turku and the experts of the Romanian agencies involved in the emergency response for their active involvement during the visit on 9-10 May, a visit after which the stages for the development and implementation of a modern training program for emergency dispatching in our country were agreed.

During the visit, in order to identify clearly the needs as well as the issues in which Finnish experts can support us, it was assessed the current situation in our country regarding the dispatching of emergency cases as well as how the emergency dispatchers training is organized at the level of the agencies involved in the response to emergencies (112, Firefighters, Ambulance). This evaluation will be finalized by establishing a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the "Dispatcher" component of the Romanian-Swiss project "Improving the Quality of Pre-hospital and Hospital Emergency Services - Phase 2 -ER2-" aimed at modernizing emergency dispatchers training in the country by aligning their training to the Romania’s development strategy for responding to emergency situations at all levels.

During the 2 days, the strategic discussions at the Department of Emergency Situations (DSU) within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the participation of experts from all agencies involved, were complemented by visits to each of the agencies: 112, Ambulance Bucharest, ISU Bucharest for observing the activity and for specific discussions with their experts. At the same time, the new building that Bucharest City Hall has build it forhosting Bucharest's integrated dispatch center was visited, building which is expected to become operational in the immediate future, by co-locating the dispatchers of all agencies within this building.

er2 6In order to prepare the collaboration agreement, Finnish experts, MrHannuRantanen, a safety and security consultant, with more than 25 years of experience in developing and implementing training programs, including blended learning programs (including simulation programs) of emergency dispatchers, Ms. KristiinaMeltovaara, Director of the Department of Education and Research at the University of Turku and MsEevaHämäläinen, projects advisor had the opportunity to discuss and agree on the implementation stages of the project with high-level representatives of the agencies involved: Dr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Head of the Emergency Situations Department (DSU) and Coordinator of the ER2 Coordination Committee, Dr. Bogdan Pop, Deputy Director, General Emergency Medicine Directorate of the DSU, GeneralSorinVasilca, Director of the Special Telecommunication Service (STS), Col. SimionTătucu, Head of the Operations and Services Operation Department within the STS, responsible for the 112 National Service, GeneralPaul Iamandi, Chief Inspector of IGSU and Lt Col. Cristian Radu, Head of the National Operational Center of IGSU as well as Dr. IoanaDărămuş, coordinator of the ER2 project.

The discussions and visits that took place during the two days were also attended by Dr. IonuţOlaru, Emergency Medicine Primary Physician, Mr. Sergiu Oltean,Mures Integrated Dispatch Coordinator, Col. Daniel Dănăilă, Director of Synthesis and Dispatch Directorate of IGSU , lt Col Cristian Buhăianu, first deputy chief inspector ISU Mureş, ltcol Alin Bogdan, coordinator dispatcher ISU Bucharest, Ms. AndreeaPreda, Head of Operational Sector Response 112, Ms. Liana Dinu, Head of the Call Response 112 Bucharest, Ms. Georgiana Săbăreanu, Head of Office National Support Center Call 112, MsOanaBolchiş, Program responsible, Coordination Unit for the Implementation of the Thematic Fund for the Health Reform Fund of the Ministry of Health and MsLetiţia Mihail, Program Coordinator at the Foundation Center for Health Policies and Services, ER2 Executive Agency.

Following this visit, we expect that in the immediate period - no later than the end of May 2018 - the partnership agreement between the Foundation Center for Health Policies and Services - ER 2 Executive Agency and the University of Applied Sciences in Turku to be agreed and signed and subsequently to start the implementation of the partnership, namely developing and agreeing the curriculum for emergency dispatching training, development of simulators for training dispatchers in Bucharest and TârguMureş, identification and training of trainers, including a visit of 2 weeks in Finland to observe and acquire the methods and techniques used for training using the simulator in one of the centers with tradition in this type of training, and to the extent that the ER2 implementation period will allow, to even include in the program the formation of a first series of dispatchers in each of the 2 training simulation centers developed in the project.

Contact person: drIoana Dărămuș

Programs director

Foundation Center for Health Policies and Services